The video I am studying this week is Tom Ferry’s

Activating Your 2021 Goals with Disciplined Daily Behaviors

As I mentioned in the previous post, we can never be vague when setting goals. We will get punished because if we don’t know what we want we just cannot set proper goals that we will achieve. People that are very specific about what they want, get rewarded, time and time again.

We may call it The Law of Attraction, or the Reticular Activating System, or maybe it is just Clarity of Purpose. The bottom line is this, if I want to make the next 12 months, My Best Year Yet then I will need some specific goals.

Maybe it is time for me to turn my goals into habits and change my behaviour in that way. How can I align my goals with what I have to do every day to achieve them? It is all about your motivation. What motivated me to become an agent again after brief my 2-year retirement? I need to figure out what actions I need to take daily to make my dream come true.

What is my motivation?

Okay, after many years in Real Estate I have to start over, like a newbie, and it is more difficult than I anticipated. My Database was useless as I never contacted them for 2 years because I never thought I was going to sell properties ever again. I have the advantage of knowing how to get there again but it takes a lot of time and effort.

My motivation is that I never want to feel financially insecure because for the past 12 months it hasn’t been much fun to be a retiree. Therefore, I want to have a short-term income strategy – selling properties. Then I need a long-term income strategy – this will take a lot longer to accomplish but, in the end, it will result in a much bigger and more secure source of income and the last one would be my short-term revised retirement plan.

I am a young 62-year-old lady and I will probably live for another 30 years or so and I want those years to be a lot more fun than I had during the past 12 months. Never do I want to feel financially insecure ever again! NEVER!!! That is my motivation!

Alright, now I have an exhilarating 12 months ahead of me and I’ve identified three areas that I want to improve this year. I have to figure out where I want to be on 30 August 2022. Tom Ferry says that you have to write a letter to yourself that you can read on that day. I will not make this complicated as I just want to get started and do the things that I have set out to do.

The letter to me that I will read on 30 April 2022…

It is 30 April 2022 and the past year was a fabulous year and it was also my best year yet. I set out to make R1.26 mil in Gross Commission Income (my side only) and when I set out my plan, I was not sure if it was even possible because I also wanted to grow my Team to 20 Agents. Since business is a Math Problem, I should be able to solve my problem with Math.

Since I am a brand-new agent, again, with no database, no money and no idea what to do next I will study one YouTube video that promises big outcomes if you follow them closely every week. I will then implement it as quickly and as accurately as possible to see if what they promise will deliver the goods. So, this is what I will do for the next 52 weeks since I have no money to spend on formal training.

My hopes and dreams are that these videos will deliver more than what they promise!

Now, let’s talk about habits. We all have habits and some of them are good, but most of them are bad. The habit of doing what needs to be done every day to achieve the goals you set out is something that I will probably need to cultivate. It is all too easy to let it slip for a day or just one day every week and then the Math will not work out!

Now I’m going to put a simple plan together that should work for me. I do not want to complicate anything.

I have decided that I want to do 12 transactions for the next year. My average sales price in my area is R1.5 million and if I take a full commission on each of these transactions it will come to R1.26 mil in gross commission income for the 12 months. That means if I want to share a listing with another agent, I will have to sell properties in the region of R3 million to make up for the commission share.

That means I will have to speak to 700 people during the year to make that a reality. On average you have to have 50 conversations with prospects to every one transaction you desire. If I spread those 700 conversations over 10 months it means that I have to speak to at least four people every day to make my goal of one transaction every month a certainty.

I will design my day like this:

  1. I have a morning routine of making 6000 steps every day while listening to motivational or educational material. Thereafter I will spend 15 to 20 minutes doing Pilates so that I can keep my body strong as I’m getting older. I start this at 6:30 in the morning.
  2. By 7:30 I should be finished with my exercise routine and will then take a shower and grab some coffee.
  3. My business morning routine will start at 8:30 and for the next two hours, I will spend time on increasing my database and making contact with the people already in my database.
  4. By 10:30 I should be ready to start managing my business like sorting out problems regarding transactions and increasing my reach through marketing, especially on social media.
  5. The afternoons are reserved for appointments that I may have made in the morning while doing my morning business routine.

An Achievable Goal is Specific, Measurable, Realistic, and Timely.

When I set goals that are specific, measurable, realistic and timely it will make them achievable.

I believe it will be very easy to form a habit when I time-block my different daily tasks in this way.

As long as I do these specific tasks set out for every day I should be able to reach my goal of R1.26mil in gross commission income for this year ending 30 August 2022.

Good luck to myself!!!!