Welcome to Your BEST YEAR YET in Real Estate!

I have created a Social Media Course specific to Real Estate In South Africa and I want to invite you to enrol today so you can create your BEST YEAR YET in Real Estate…

Before you dig into this Social Media Course I want to congratulate you on committing to this process and hopefully, you will start taking action today. For this information to help you and work for you, you will have to take action on every step as soon as you have learned how to. Without implementing these steps, nothing will change for you, but I am sure you want to know how to make more money in real estate without having to work harder.

This is an incredible opportunity for you to become the celebrity real estate agent in your town. There are very few agents in South Africa who will have implemented the steps and therefore the moment you start implementing what you have learnt you will see immediate and exponential growth taking place.

I want to present the opportunity of actually joining my team. And I will explain why I’m saying this in this lesson. I am a happy real estate agent at EXP South Africa.

This is what happened to me…

At the end of 2018, my husband retired and I decided to join him, so I didn’t renew my FFC for 2019 because I truly believed that I was never going to need it ever again.

When we decided to retire, we didn’t take it lightly. We made very sure that we would have enough money to last us for the next 30 years at least, which will take us to the great old age of 90. Because interest rates have been very stable for a long time, we mistakenly assumed that we will be more than okay financially and that we had nothing to worry about.

We did everything our financial planner suggested we do but still, it just wasn’t enough because we never planned for an event so big that it would change the way the entire world population would think, work and live.

The great pandemic and the great lockdown that followed in early 2020 was a disastrous event for most people on the planet. We were very happy that we had a steady income and that we would not have to worry about losing our jobs, because we didn’t have jobs, and we made sure that we would be financially secure for at least the next 30 years.

That thought was the biggest mistake we made. Assuming everything will stay the same is just a stupid thing to do. We all know that the only constant is consistent change so why even consider that? Although we did not lose our jobs, we lost almost half our income in the next few months because interest rates plummeted very quickly and although it is a good thing for most people, it is a very bad thing during retirement. That was equal to one of us losing our jobs!

To someone living off the interest of their investments, it means that you have to adjust your lifestyle massively if you don’t want to dig into your principal investment. The idea was to keep adding to the principal capital so that we can be sure to have enough, later on, to adjust for inflation of course.

Suddenly there was this big gap in our monthly income and there was not nearly enough money to live the life we imagined for our retirement. There was no way we could afford to live the way we hoped to do anymore. No travelling, no weekends away, no spoiling our grandchildren, no helping out the kids in times of need…nothing! We were down to basics and that was not my idea of retirement!

To me, retirement just wasn’t an option anymore and this was a very scary thought and I knew I had to start working again if I wanted to retain the lifestyle I imagined. I had 3 options; I could teach again, but that was even scarier than not having the lifestyle I wanted, the second option was to ride out the storm and hope that interest rates would get back up again to what we were used to, or I could just return to selling real estate again. I always loved selling real estate but I never planned on doing it for the rest of my life, but now it seemed like the only real option available to me and it saddened me a lot… but at least it was something I loved to do!

So, by the end of 2020, I started with Re/Max again after my two-year retirement. Immediately, I felt like I was missing out on a very important marketing strategy regarding Social Media for Real Estate but couldn’t put my finger on the problem. Not knowing what my real problem was I started looking online for courses in social media marketing, specific to real estate. I thought that making more sales would solve my retirement problem. Making more sales is a short-term solution to a much bigger problem.

I came across this guy in Canada who was selling a course that I thought would solve my problem. I was so excited and I immediately bought the course for quite a hefty sum of money. At the end of one of the modules, he explained how his company was so much different from any other real estate company in the world. He started explaining how you could make an income in six different ways instead of just one.

That fascinated me a lot and I wanted to know more. Because he was from Canada I assumed – again –  that this company and all the benefits it offered would not be available to us here in South Africa. I nevertheless Googled it and lo and behold the company opened up here in South Africa just about a month before I became aware of it. I was so excited but at the same time terrified of moving to this new company. Early January I decided to finally make the change and I started to arrange to move my Fidelity Fund Certificate over to this new company. By 13 January I was fully onboarded and I could start to work at my new company.

Had it not been for Mike and his fabulous social media course I would have been stuck at Re/Max not knowing that the answer to my biggest problem did not lie in making more sales but instead in getting a residual income as well as getting stock or company shares in the fastest growing real estate company in the world. I could have 6 ways of earning, doing what I am already doing, instead of just one.

When I realised that there is a real estate company in South Africa where I could have six ways of earning just doing what I am already doing it made me extremely excited. And if you have only one income stream, you can’t build true wealth. You see, according to the wealth quadrant you can put yourself in the quadrant with the E. That is where you are an employee at a normal company. For me, it was being a teacher. I got to work my butt off to get treated badly by parents and children alike for a measly monthly income. You have no leverage and you probably have no money.

If you are an estate agent you can put yourself in the S quadrant which means that you are self-employed. The nice thing about being self-employed is that you do not have a set income anymore you can write your own paycheque. You still have no leverage which means although you should have more money in your bank account you still have to work to get paid in other words you are still trading time for money.

Just about all agents say that they got into real estate because they wanted to build wealth. But when you look at any brick and mortar franchises where the owners allow you to create an income solely through commission, it still means that you have to trade your time for money. In other words, you will still not be able to build wealth because the moment you stop working your income stops immediately.

At EXP South Africa, you can create income in six different ways. It allows us to generate income from the S quadrant as well as the B and I quadrants. You can work as a normal real estate agent earning commission, although it is a much higher commission split at 75/25 than most other companies offer. Then we can get passive income where the income generated is not dependent on your presence. This is where you will get small amounts of money from hundreds of people in your organisation. And the last one is where EXP allows you to buy shares in the company using 5% of every commission cheque you earn. You can also earn shares as you meet specific goals in your organisation. This is how you build true wealth.

If you are still working in a normal franchise or privately owned real estate company you cannot build wealth. It is impossible because the moment you stop working your income will stop. It is that simple, but it is also that scary!

The Wealth Quadrant – Robert Kiyosaki (Rich Dad – Poor Dad)

At EXP South Africa you can earn from at least three quadrants but in every other traditional real estate agency, you can earn from only one quadrant at most. So, what I realised is that I was just trading my time for money, and I was never going to be financially free because the day that I stop putting in 80 hours a week, is also the day that my income would stop. And as you have seen from my story above, it is a real hazard to your wealth.

To make matters even more enticing for this business model is that if you are operating on the right-hand side of the quadrant your capital outflow is minimum. As a business owner and investor, you can make people work for you and you can make money work for you. Becoming a business owner in EXP becomes a reality when you start creating a team around you. And this is where the magic will start to happen for you!

I see a lot of agents in South Africa that work their way up to becoming the number one agent in their city, they make many millions a year, but as soon as they stop answering calls at 11 pm, or they stop doing showings on weekends and evenings or they dare to go on vacation, their income drops drastically. It is just not a sustainable way of making a living and is definitely not a way to create wealth.

EXP Realty is running on a completely different model, it allows agents to collaborate from all over the world, US, Australia, Canada, UK, Japan, Germany, Italy, Spain and many more countries including South Africa. You are not geographically bound in any way, and you can structure your business in any way that makes sense to you.

So, if you join our group, we give all of our best social media training for free, to every single member that not only joins my team but anybody that joins your team as well because we all win based on the seven-tiered structure which I will explain in detail during our Zoom call.

And then we also show our agents how to create a custom branded funnel so that they become the star of the show in the area or niche they choose, and we also give you all of the top tips, tricks and secrets showing you how to increase your buyers, increase your sellers, increase working with investors as well, as we have the only system across the entire company that will allow you to scale your business using social media.

We’re also the only team at EXP that has a system built for us that not only helps grow our team but helps you grow your team as well. So, you get to leverage something that you have not created but will help you to create a team beyond your imagination. It is also one of the reasons why we’re one of the fastest-growing teams in the company. We are providing more value to our new members than anybody else in the company.

We give you all of the top social media training courses for free, the company also created superb branding and marketing material for free, and we will help you stay at peak mindset performance with our motivational sessions. We also have a system built out that helps grow your revenue share by helping you grow your team so that one day you can make five or six figures per month passively, and you won’t have to depend solely on commission like you have to do right now!

For example, I realised how vulnerable I was when I had to rely on only one stream of income in my business. Things like COVID, and the POPI Act created a lot of trouble for us in the real estate industry. I would like you to be in a much stronger position financially especially if you are thinking of retirement in the next five years. You might even be able to go on vacation because you’ll still be making money. If you want to spend more time with your family, you’ll still be making money, if something unforeseen happens to you, like getting sick or getting into a car accident you’ll still be making money.

If over the next five years, working at a traditional real estate company, you work your butt off and something unforeseen happens to you, you will have no option but to leave your family with whatever you have in your bank account at that specific time, whereas with this model, if something unforeseen happens to you, your family inherits your revenue share business. They get everything that you worked so hard for to provide for them for the rest of time which is a very comforting thought. To know that you are doing what’s best for your family is amazingly reassuring. Even after death, your family will benefit from your actions today. Whatever scenario, good or bad, this model allows you to do things that are just not possible in any other traditional real estate agency.

Now you have an opportunity to turn those people reaching out to you into partners and start to receive revenue from all of the avenues available to us in this incredible opportunity.

Once you properly understand this model and understand how to properly leverage it, it will become a no-brainer to you. When I saw how this model could work for me it was an easy decision and making the switch still filled me with terror but I am glad I did and I couldn’t be happier that I took the plunge.

It’s changed my life, it’s changed my business, and it’s given me the freedom to get back into doing the things I love, which I never otherwise had the time for. So, what I strongly urge you to do if you are a true entrepreneur who wants to take your business to the next level and build true wealth, is to please make sure you reach out to me using the email below. I’m more than happy to have a one on one Zoom call with you because I am very sure that you now have a ton of questions to ask.

I do one on one Zoom calls to make sure that I address your unique situation and concerns, show you how specifically we’re going to help you sell more properties and build more wealth doing what you are already doing. It’s going to be something that will blow your mind.  

I’m telling you with confidence that what we’re doing here is special, it’s unique and people couldn’t be more excited to be a part of our organisation so I urge you to not miss out on this opportunity for one moment longer, make sure you book a call with me immediately.

Whether you are going to join our team or not, it’s time for you to immediately implement all the information that you will learn in this course. Start putting it into action, start making moves this week, don’t wait for a week from now, don’t wait for a month from now, start putting out content this week, and I can’t wait to see your business grow.