I Failed Miserably

Being consistent in what you do seems to be a lot easier than the reality of it.  I really tried hard to be consistent in what I do every day but then life got in the way. For an entire week I was consistent in doing the calls I promised to do, sending out messages was something I added because it wasn’t hard to do 5 phone calls every day but then I got oh so busy.

The reason I got busy was that I did what I promised myself to do. I got 3 listings in one week and with these listings came responsibilities like advertising and because listing a property on the property portals just didn’t result in any inquiries I decided to go for Facebook advertising which resulted in a lot of inquiries and that alone kept me busy the entire week but I still had no-one who wanted to view the properties.

It meant that I spent a lot of time on something that felt like treading water getting nowhere while drowning in work.

I was told that if I couldn’t answer my phone immediately that I was going to lose the prospect anyway so I was glued to my phone 12 hours a day every day. I answered every question as quickly as possible and had a website to point them to if they wanted to know more.

Still, I had no one willing to view the property in person. The result…no sales!

So, from the previous lesson, I realised that whatever I did was not helping me and that I should change my strategy. Facebook advertising works to get inquiries but if some of those inquiries do not result in sales then what am I doing here.

So week 3 was not a good week for me. The consequence is that I do not have any sales going and I have 3 listings to sell. I am now scared to continue calling prospects for more listings because I do not need more listings that I cannot sell.

It has been a tough week for me and I never want to go through that again. My question is now…what must I do to sell the listings I have at the moment?

I have to admit, I have buyers to work with who came from the listings I advertised but none of them can afford the properties I have in stock. I have made good connections with them but now I have nothing to show them. My option is to list some properties they can afford but I also have no guarantee that they will love the ones I list.

I am soooo frustrated at the moment!

It is time to get real and sort out my business life! FAST!

I think I will have to approach the Facebook and Instagram thing differently. That is where people are hanging out and I just have to figure it out quickly.

I have learnt a lot from week 3 and hopefully, it will not be a total disaster. I now know what not to do, so it is time to find a strategy that will work for me. The goal is also to automate the process.

Easy Peasy!!!