I Failed Yet Again

After it took me 3 days plus to figure out Manychat in my first attempt at automation it was a complete disaster yet again!


The set-up was not at fault and it wasn’t a systems fault either. It was an expectations fault.

I expected to get spectacular results since that was the promise. According to Facebook, 876 people clicked on the link that was supposed to get them through the funnel. As I used the template the author provided I was assured that it was tested and that it worked perfectly.

And it worked perfectly! That was not the problem. It was the way real people responded to the quite lengthy inquisition. At least, that is what I think it felt like for them. Maybe home buyers in South Africa do not like to answer questions before they will buy a house. They didn’t even get past the first question….

Because it was tested thoroughly doesn’t mean they tested it on real people. Maybe they tested that the system worked which it does perfectly but I am interested in getting results only and the result is that I spent the majority of a week working on something that meant nothing in the end.

Not a single person out of the 876 link clicks filled in any part of the form let alone get to the end where they will leave their contact information so I can follow up. That was a very disappointing experience as I had such high hopes for this to be the answer to my automation problem.

One week in figuring it out, R700 in a paid Facebook advert, 876 link clicks with zero results.

Not cool man!

Telling my clients yet again that I couldn’t find buyers for their beautiful properties wasn’t fun at all!

My next attempt at automation is not clear yet.

Fortunately, the internet is buzzing with information. I just need to find something that works and when that happens I will be unstoppable.

While ManyChat may work in Canada or the USA it doesn’t work here or maybe I must just tweak the idea a bit so it can work here too. At the moment I am not in the mood for yet another failure so I am going to abandon it for the moment and search for something that will work here in our beautiful country.