Are You Ready To Use ROCK STAR REALTOR Strategies To Make Life Give You What You Want?

I have decided that from today I was going to do things differently in my Real Estate Career. You see, I have been doing what every other Real Estate Agent in South Africa has been doing for the past 3 decades, and if you do what everybody else does then you are just one of the crowd.

I am sick of being just one of the crowd.

I have been in Real Estate since February 1996 when my twins started school. I never did extremely well nor was I at the bottom of the pile either. I hovered around in the middle, sometimes doing well and sometimes not. I could never figure out why I wasn’t doing well but then again, I never tried very hard to figure it out either.

I always thought that there was something wrong with me or my abilities and that is why I couldn’t make it BIG in Real Estate.

I was working really hard and although I made more money than I did while teaching it was still nothing spectacular.

We all have some things we believe are true about ourselves and that it is just the way things are.

Most of the time these beliefs are very far from the truth.

Here are the 3 most common believes that I think most agents battle with:

  • You have to work harder than anybody else in your office and then you will become part of the elite inner circle where all the juicy marketing secrets are being distributed.
  • You have to be the best-qualified agent because that is where the secrets to their success are hidden.
  • I’m just not good enough!

A small, select group of Realtors have discovered the secret to making it big in Real Estate and I am going to find out what they are doing that the agents just like me are not doing…

I am going to see if I can find information every week that explains and promises big increases in production and then I will implement them to see if it will work in our current market situation here in South Africa.

During this pandemic, many small businesses have reported a 20% to 30% drop in revenue (and in some cases even more).

Many big companies are laying off thousands of workers at a time and we all wonder if it will influence the purchasing power of the population in a big way when it comes to acquiring property!

Amid all the DOOM AND GLOOM I am hoping to create my BEST YEAR YET!

My Questions: How can I Create my BEST YEAR YET….

  • Am I still using all the outdated marketing strategies that stopped working a decade ago? Yes!
  • Do I really need to work harder or do I need to do the work that brings massive results? Probably the latter but what are they?
  • How will I know the difference?
  • How can I double my revenue regardless of the downward spiralling economy?

As a Real Estate Professional, I remember how frustrated I was when I did not get the results I was hoping for in the past. The frustration never ceased!

It still drives me nuts! I would organize properties to show on Sundays and not a single person would show up.

I would call everyone on my list at least once a month (which I really hated to do) to drum up business. With caller ID and Truecaller available, your prospects just block your calls or don’t answer!

Same result!

I paid a guy to do regular mail drops, at a huge cost, on my behalf but still nothing.

Private Property and Property24 yield dismal results at a huge cost!

Facebook ads sometimes yielded some results but nothing to get excited about.

Many Real estate agents are scratching their heads and wonder how they can make it through the next month, let alone the next 12 months in this brutal economy. These are my thoughts too!

I need a PLAN!

I need to find out what successful Real Estate agents are doing and then get it to work for me!

So, I am going to get a YOUTUBE education in Real Estate marketing!

I’m going to share with you what my findings are every week.

I will have to set some ground rules. Since I have no idea what will happen while implementing successful agent’s ideas I am going to spend at the most R500 per week on Facebook advertising but I will also try to get most of these ideas to work organically. (That’s the plan – not all plans work though) The idea is to implement at least one new strategy every week for the next 90 days..

Hopefully, all the strategies will work but you never know! So, let’s see how this will pan out. It will be my year of EXPERIMENTATION and I am super excited about this new plan.

Once I found a winning strategy I will put some money behind it to AMPLIFY it so I don’t have to work harder or longer hours. The idea is to decrease my workload.

I am on a mission to create my BEST YEAR YET!

My first idea is to figure out how to get clients and prospective clients to call me instead of me having to chase them down!

I always wanted to do things differently than what the average real estate agent was doing but I could never pinpoint exactly what it is that I could and should do that will increase my income and decrease my workload.

Let’s face it, being a Real Estate Agent is hard work. And I always thought that if I work harder my income will increase, which it did!

Working this hard comes at a huge cost though, and I am sure you know it by now.

When my children moved out of the house I hardly ever saw them so I decided to quit the real estate business and retire without saying the word “retire” out loud.

This is what happened…

At the end of 2018, my husband retired and I decided to join him, so I didn’t renew my FFC for 2019 because I truly believed that I was never going to need it ever again.

It didn’t take much for my husband to persuade me to follow him into retirement although I knew in my heart that it wasn’t a good idea. I’ve always been very energetic and never liked to sit around doing nothing.

When we decided to retire, we didn’t take it lightly. We made very sure that we would have enough money to last us for the next 30 years at least, which will take us to the great old age of 90. Because interest rates have been very stable for a long time, we mistakenly assumed that we will be more than okay financially and that we had nothing to worry about.

We did everything our financial planner suggested we do but still, it just wasn’t enough because we never planned for an event so big that it would change the way the entire world population would think, work and live.

The great pandemic and the great lockdown that followed in early 2020 was a disastrous event for most people on the planet. We were very happy that we had a steady income and that we would not have to worry about losing our jobs, because we didn’t have jobs, and we made sure that we would be financially secure for at least the next 30 years.

That thought was the biggest mistake we made. Assuming everything will stay the same is just a stupid thing to do. We all know that the only constant is consistent change so why even consider that?

Although we did not lose our jobs, we lost almost half our income in the next few months because interest rates plummeted very quickly and although it is a good thing for most people, it is a very bad thing during retirement. That was equal to one of us losing our jobs!

To someone living off the interest of their investments, it means that you have to adjust your lifestyle massively if you don’t want to dig into your principal investment. The idea was to keep adding to the principal capital so that we can be sure to have enough, later on, to adjust for inflation of course.

Suddenly there was this big gap in our monthly income and there was not nearly enough money to live the life we imagined for our retirement. There was no way we could afford to live the way we hoped to do anymore. No travelling, no weekends away, no spoiling our grandchildren, no helping out the kids in times of need…nothing! We were down to basics and that was not my idea of retirement!

To me, retirement just wasn’t an option anymore and this was a very scary thought and I knew I had to start working again if I wanted to retain the lifestyle I imagined. I had 3 options; I could teach again, but that was even scarier than not having the lifestyle I wanted, the second option was to ride out the storm and hope that interest rates would get back up again to what we were used to, or I could just return to selling real estate again. I always loved selling real estate but I never planned on doing it for the rest of my life, but now it seemed like the only real option available to me and it saddened me a lot… but at least it was something I loved to do!

So, by the end of 2020, I started with Re/Max again after my two-year retirement. I felt like I was missing out on a very important marketing strategy regarding Social Media but couldn’t put my finger on the problem. Not knowing what my real problem was I started looking online for courses in social media marketing, specific to real estate. I thought that making more sales would solve my retirement problem. Making more sales is a short-term solution to a much bigger problem.

I came across this guy in Canada who was selling a course that I thought would solve my problem. I was so excited and I immediately bought the course for quite a hefty sum of money. At the end of one of the modules, he explained how his company was so much different from any other real estate company in the world. He started explaining how you could make an income in six different ways instead of just one.

That fascinated me a lot and I wanted to know more. Because he was from Canada I assumed – again – that this company and all the benefits it offered would not be available to us here in South Africa. I nevertheless Googled it and lo and behold the company opened up here in South Africa just about a month before I became aware of it. I was so excited but at the same time terrified of moving to this new company. Early January I decided to finally make the change and I started to arrange to move my Fidelity Fund Certificate over to this new company. By 13 January I was fully onboarded and I could start to work at my new company.

Had it not been for Mike and his fabulous social media course I would have been stuck at Re/Max not knowing that the answer to my biggest problem did not lie in making more sales but instead in getting a residual income as well as getting stock or company shares in the fastest growing real estate company in the world. I could have 6 other ways of earning, doing what I am already doing, instead of just one.

We, as Estate Agents, are the worst in planning for our future (and pay taxes) and we believe we will be able to keep working until we die and mostly this is exactly what happens. We just don’t plan for our future because we just don’t have time for it and it is just so easy to put it out of our minds for the moment as there are always more pressing problems to attend to. The problem is that we never make time to get it done until one day…and that day is rarely a pleasant day!

My plan for this year is to make more sales than I ever did before using the information I find on YOUTUBE about Real Estate Marketing on Social Media. The course I finished open my eyes to what is available on YouTube and I decided to see if those strategies will really work as they say they would.

I want to find out How To Create Massive Success by Building A Community Around My Business.

If only I knew how to change and structure my business in such a way that I did not need to work seven days a week and still get the income I wanted, things can be very different for me.

When you are slogging away every day at your job and just put one foot in front of the other to survive you just don’t have the time or energy to think of new innovative ways to increase your income. That is why you end up just doing the things everybody else is doing. And that is why most of us are getting the results everybody else is getting.

We just don’t know how to do it and believe me I have checked, our NQF 4 and 5 training isn’t teaching us that! So, it is not your fault if you don’t know how to market like a ROCK STAR REAL ESTATE AGENT!

I have worked as hard, or maybe even harder than the agent in my office who was selling and listing a bunch more properties than I was.

  • Maybe I was just not part of the inner circle where all the juicy marketing secrets were distributed.
  • Maybe they have contacts in higher places that they do not mention (by the way- this one is true). It just cannot be about hard work only, there has to be something else to this!

For me, my big insight came when I realized that if I do exactly the same as everybody else, I will get exactly the same results.

But, maybe if I did more of what they do I will get more of what they get, but that just used up all my time, resources and energy.

Doing more of the same thing might help you briefly but it will surely be exhausting and that is not what life is all about.

Even if you enjoy every moment of your job, some or other time you just have to rest and recharge.

So, working yourself into a state of exhaustion is definitely not the answer, nor is it a good idea.

You do not have to be better qualified.

For some or other reason, I had this weird idea that my colleagues are better qualified than I am and therefore, have some secrets up their sleeves that I know nothing about.

I know for a fact that I have done all the courses there is to take in real estate education plus a few others that I thought would help me with my business, like Home Staging and Real Estate Photography and still nothing spectacular happened!

So, I know for a fact it cannot be about qualifications. There has to be something else to it!

I believe The Biggest Secret is that You have to stand out from the crowd…no exception!

But, how can I stand out from the crowd?

How can I be different?

You may think that you are doing everything in your power to create the best life possible for you and your family!

You also know that you are doing everything possible to make the most money you can possibly get and when that turns out not to be enough you start to doubt yourself!

That self-doubt acrobat in my head is probably the only thing holding me back from becoming the sought-after agent in my area. Self-doubt will bring you nowhere fast! I know!

There is a saying, you can never outperform your self-esteem. So, where do I start?

  • I will start by holding myself to higher values, higher standards, and upgrade my self-esteem!
  • I will start today and implement what I learn every week for 52 weeks. That is what I will be doing for 52 weeks!
  • I understand that change only comes if I go through the trouble of implementing what I learn every day.
  • Most of all, I will have to let go of the old way of thinking, the old way of doing because obviously, those haven’t been working in my favour.
  • I am going to try new things and implement them as soon as I learn about them. Step-by-step I hope to see how doable it is to double my income this year.
  • We all know that we have to create a community around our business. That is probably the one big thing that will create the biggest change in my business and I plan to tackle this one first.

Now what? What if these strategies are not going to make me more money while working less in the long run anyway?

Are the strategies I am planning even relevant today? Or are they just more of the same old and tired strategies? I freakin hope not. Maybe I should look for the latest videos with the largest following for the search phrases I am using.


Do I have what it takes to make more money?

Is it even possible to double my income in just 12 months?
That’s exactly what I am trying to find out!

What I know for sure is that if I keep doing the same things over and over again, I will get the same results.

It is now time to change the way I do my Real Estate business forever.

The thing is, none of the courses I have done in Real Estate taught me how to create my Best Year Yet! So, I think it is time for me to find out for myself and how to do that for FREE!

How many of us have the money to splurge out on expensive training? If you have the money then the answer should be to get the professional training…but what if you don’t?

“Without leaps of imagination or dreaming,

we lose the excitement of possibilities.

Dreaming, after all, is a form of planning.”

― Gloria Steinem

When I figured out what I needed to do to get the results I wanted I quickly understood that it has nothing to do with how good you are at selling, the quality of your education, or whether you are good enough in anybody’s eyes.

You are good enough as you are right now without any extra qualifications to make as many sales as you wish every month.

You just need to know how to do it and find the right strategies to include in your elegant plan!

Decide to do business differently in the next 52 weeks.

I hope to get a “Master’s Degree” in Marketing Real Estate obtained from the University of YouTube and I hope to find several ways that I can implement quickly that can turn me into a “ROCK STAR REAL ESTATE AGENT”! It will probably only work if I am willing to do things other won’t do so you can get what others don’t!

Am I ready to change the way I do business forever?

I’m now at the point of no return, maybe you are too…

I invested so much time, effort and money into this idea and if I do not continue with my mission I will not be able to help other agents who are in desperate need of some help because a lot of them are on the verge of collapse.

It is not a “should” anymore, it is a “must”.

It might even be a crime and a sin to not share what I will learn with other agents in South Africa.

I feel I have to help as many agents as possible to get what they want so that I can get what I want.

I need to share my new skills with other struggling Real Estate Professionals. It is now your turn to learn from my experiment find out if you too can get the opportunity to double your income in the next 12 months.

Unless you are doing things in a very different way than what you have been doing in the past you will just get the same results.

If you are ready to get different results you must be ready to embark on a whole new way of thinking and marketing.

Hopefully, it is easy to do, but I know it is much easier not to do.

I have decided to do business differently in the next 52 weeks.

Please join me on my journey, I will need inspiration and encouragement as I go along and I will probably find problems that I may not know the answers to and maybe you have the correct answer that will get me going again.

I will surely appreciate it a lot!