My First Attempt at Automation

I really have to figure out how to automate some of my tasks because what I learned from last week’s disaster is that unless I automate some of the important and repetitive tasks I will always have to work myself to death and that is not what I want. Life is supposed to be worth living and if I have no time to enjoy my life, then is it worth living?

Don’t get me wrong! I love working in Real Estate and the people that I serve are really an awesome bunch of people. It makes getting up in the morning easy, but when you need to look them in the eye and tell them that you have failed them it is just not fun anymore.

Home Sellers rely on me to get their home sold because maybe they just can’t afford to keep it because of this pandemic or they have bought elsewhere and they don’t want to lose the new property. It is still my responsibility and I feel like a failure if I can’t get it sold in time. The pressure is on me and I feel it all the time.

My question this week is how can I automate some of the repetitive tasks that I have to do every day?

Last week my life was jam-packed with answering questions and getting nowhere fast! I never want that to happen ever again.

So I came across ManyChat as an option for automating the responses you get from Facebook advertising.

I got a course that would help me achieve that. I even got the template so that I could save some time. This week will be all about ManyChat to see if I could achieve my goal of getting people to view the properties that I have listed the week before.

Last week’s disaster is still fresh in my mind so I am ready for some good news this week.  Last week I failed to mention that I also did not manage to get the contact details from the people that wanted to know more about the property so I could not follow up and that is a big loss for me.

This week I want to make sure that I get their contact information because it is vital to any business to get a Database going as soon as possible so I can keep in contact with them. Following up is crucial!

I have never heard of ManyChat before and have no idea what I am in for.

So here goes!

I used this video (  to learn from initially but the information is old. I then bought the course and the template and got everything going in about 3 days of working on it for about 6 hours a day. Probably longer! Hahahaha

You have to remember that I am new to this and it wasn’t easy for me at all.

Eventually, I got it to respond the way it was supposed to.

The proof is in the pudding, so let’s get the pudding prepared and see the outcome. The goal was to set it up so it could ask the interested parties questions relating to the property while considering their answers for the next question.

It would ask them things like:

  • Have they decided on a price range?
  • Have they been pre-qualification for that amount?
  • How many bathrooms?
  • How many bedrooms?
  • What type of house they are interested in etc..

And in the end, they will give their contact information so I can follow up.

It is all set up and ready to go. It is already Thursday of week 4 because everything took a lot longer than I anticipated. That guy made it all seem so easy, well it wasn’t easy for me but I decided to stick with it as it was a big promise of automation doing repetitive tasks that will give me a readymade list of prospects to work with including their contact details.

Here goes!!!