Oh, my word!!! No wonder I could never reach the top in my Real Estate Career.

I just discovered that there were two huge stumbling blocks in my career that has held me back for decades! And I figured it out during these past 5 days!

I always thought of myself as well-educated in Real Estate and I just couldn’t figure out why I was never super successful. It turns out you don’t need to be well-educated to become one of the best Real Estate Agents around, but you do need to know how and where to find new prospects.

The next stumbling block was to find an affordable CRM that will do a lot more than what my company has to offer. I need something that will automate things for me while getting my clients to interact with me regularly.

As soon as I have put everything into place I will lete you know how and why I set up my CRM like that!

Meanwhile, you can get access to what I have done so far – Just click here to see how you too can change your life! https://www.subscribepage.com/mybestyear

Fortunately, I discovered both of the solutions recently and it feels like a big load was lifted from my shoulders and now I can move a lot faster and easier. It removed a lot of frustration for me!

I was hoping to get all 5 days of the 10X training done in one week and then I realized that it would not be wise to attempt it at all because it may result in dismal results. My aim is, after all, to create my best year yet in Real Estate.

So my plan is now to take one lesson at a time and really make the best of it for an entire week. In my haste to get things done during the week, I still managed to get 2 listings immediately and another listing scheduled for next week.

When I started to advertise I found 2 buyers very quickly but they can only afford to buy for just under R3 mil and both of the properties are priced at well over R3 mil. It means that I will have to find more listings that are priced under R3 mil very quickly.

In all of the lessons, Grant Cardone urged us to 10X our output and when I tried it for only one week and not knowing what I was doing I managed to get more listings in one week than I ever managed to do before. This week I will go all in and 10X my listing campaign.

The one thing I have known for a long time but never seemed to get the hang of it was to be consistent in whatever you do for marketing. That is why I decided to take one lesson at a time and within 5 weeks I will hopefully be on track to have my best year yet already.

The goal is to get my contact list to grow daily and because I have started all over again this will be a demanding task. I need at least 2000 home sellers on my list (according to day 3 of the challenge) to make my target of R2 mil in GCI for this year.